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Antenna Bearing Tool



Antenna Bearing Tool is an alternative to a magnetic compass for installers of telecommunications antennas.  A known landmark is used as a reference.  For most latitudes the sun can be used as a land Mark. The land mark must be visible and identifiable from the BTS.

There 2 modes of operation, Cellular and Point to Point [Microwave links.]

Cellular mode:    NOTE: [BTS = Cell Phone Tower]
The principle of use is simple:
1.    The Icon for the BTS is located on the map at the transmitting site.  
2.    The Icon for the Land Mark   is located on the map at the land mark.
3.    The desired antenna bearing [degrees true] is entered via the pop-up keyboard. [Tap the white text to activate the keyboard entry]
4.    The two lines on the map show the line to the land mark [RED] and the desired antenna bearing.
You can then point the Red line towards the land mark and aim the antenna along the Green line.  Alternatively the Offset can be read from the screen and a protractor/theodolite used in place of the phone.

Point to Point mode:
Operation is similar to Cellular mode except that co-ordinates for Aend, Bend and landmark are entered and the bearing, path distance and the offset are calculated.

Site List:
ABT can store Sites and their Logitude and Latitude.  These records can be used to position the site and/or the LandMark.


Configulator Calculator


Configulator Calculator is a scientific calculator with 16 keys [F0-F15] which can be configured[Programmed].  This allows the user to define functions that are relevant to them, not what the calculator designer has decided.
Most in-built features follow standard operation and are therefore intuitive.  A help file is included which describes the operation of other features.


Brownpaper Calculator  [DELETED FROM PLAY STORE]


This simple calculator comes in a brown paper wrapper but can be dressed up to personalize its appearance to the user’s own style.  Users can create their own versions of buttons, banners and save these to the "Download" folder to customize the appearance.
BrownPaper has inbuilt Backgrounds, Banners and Buttons but  users can still provide their own which will take precedence over the inbuilt equivelents.

Highland Titles Calculator

NOTE:  This App is not an official Highland Titles product.  It is not approved or endorsed by Highland Titles in any way.

This simple calculator [based on BrownPaper Calculator] has the usual functions of a basic calculator and it's operation is mostly intuitive.
Added functions are:
  The facility to add your own name to the front
  Calculate dates from a give start plus X number of days
  Calculate the number of day's between dates
  Two modes of generating Random numbers.

Full instructions are included in the HELP menu of the calculator.


Embalmer primarily calculates the volume of embalming concentrate for a required amount of embalming fluid. Embalmer can also calculate any of the other three parameters shown in Standard Mode by dragging that parameter down to the Result Bar.

There are two modes: Standard and Extended, each mode operates in Metric, U.S. and Imperial units. 


Standard Mode:

In Standard Mode there are three parameters, the amount of fluid required, the Concentrate Index and the required Diluted Index.   The amount of Concentrate is calculated from these inputs.


Extended Mode:

In Extended Mode there are two additional inputs, Body Weight and a VolumePerWeight factor.  The required volume of required fluid is calculated from these two inputs.  The volume of concentrate is subsequently calculated.  If the required volume figure is manually entered the VolumePerWeight factor is reverse calculated and the new figure used for further calculations.